There is an artist in all of us. We are paint brushes and the world is our canvas.

With each movement we make, we draw invisible lines in time and space… we create invisible art. 

On the world map we are just a pixel. But we rarely stand still. Through our daily movements, we leave a unique trace. The Global Positioning System (GPS) records this invisible trace and transforms our movements into beautiful, dynamic lines. We “draw” shapes on the world map without being conscious of it.

The Apps and machines that we use store our daily movements on the world map. By using a mobile phone, we are constantly feeding companies with our location data, while understanding very little about how this information is being used.

My dream is to transform this data into beautiful art. Let me tell your story. Every line that you draw on the map has a meaning for you and is connected to a memory.

Every story of your life can be visualized graphically. The way you met your life partner. and all the lines that you had to draw until yours intersected. 

The story of your vacations all the places you`ve traveled to… The story of your family… with all the lines that every family member drew… Let your imagination run free! Create your own story and let me put it on paper for you. 

Surprise your loved one with the graphical story of your love. 

Show your child which lines had to be drawn in order for him to be born.

How it works? You describe to me the story that you would like to tell. You show me maps of places that you`ve been to. You tell me if you took a train, a bus, a car, a bike, boat, a horse or if you were there by foot. You tell me how big you want your story to be. You chose the paper type and the technique that you prefer for your Artwork – Black & White or color. And I will do the rest.




Every painting is unique. Every life story is unique. 

LIFELINES. A Symbiosis between Art and Technology



Alina Sonea lives in Feldkirch, Austria and since her graduation in

Architectural Design Theory, she works as an architect, as well as

an independent artist in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

In her artistic work she explores the relationships between

Texture, Architecture and Nature.


"I have the urge to create catalogs, maps, textures of everything I see. I have the impulse of fitting everything in a drawing. I am intrigued by density in all of its forms. Our body is created through the density of cells, every object is possible through the concentration of billions of atoms, a flower field is beautiful due to the dense texture of blossoms, a black line is nothing but an infinity of points, densely arranged next to each other.


A line is for me the most elementary element of expression. In its root, it is a symbol of infinity. This infinity is the most elementary mean of human expression. Nothing human can exist without the straight line. It is in our quest for perfection, so for infinity that made us create the concept of a straight line. A letter, number, drawing can`t exist without it. No symbol, no visual representation. 



A perfectly straight line does not exist in nature. Even the horizon line that divides the sea from the sky is an optical illusion for the human line, as in reality this line is curved on the shape of the globe. We, humans, “invented” the straight line. It is an abstraction of an ideal. With the use of lines, everything can be brought to an essential. The whole Christian Religion can be reduced to the pure symbol of two lines intersected in a perfect, straight angle that we call a cross. We need a zig-zagged line to visualize the beating of our heart. "